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Learning from experience & Learning from our colleagues

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Monkey Pox:

Maybe the last thing you really want to do right now is to revisit the last two years of COVID-19. But perhaps you can join me in asking, “What have I learned as a massage therapist during this time?”

For me three things occur to me in light of recent news about Monkeypox . . .

  1. Washing hands: The basic tenets of hygiene remind us to systematically apply what we learned in Pathology class in massage school.

  2. Maintaining boundaries: Maintenance requires updating our practice as we gain new information and being comfortable with change.

  3. Grounding in confidence: We can move forward when our actions are grounded and thought through rather than acting out of fear.

So, as more information comes to light about Monkey Pox, we can learn from our experience and we can also learn from our colleagues.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has issued guidelines guarding against the spread of monkeypox in massage. The recommendations are very much in line with recommendations from Ruth Werner and other trusted sources.

Take a look at these resources yourself to see what you’re already doing to keep your community safe:

Timothy K-H.

-Instructor and Support Coordinator at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy

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