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How concerned do I need to be about Monkeypox?

It is natural, especially on the heels of the COVID pandemic to be concerned about close contact such as occurs in massage. The following article contains valuable information based on facts from the CDC and other sources to keep all safe in their practice. A good read indeed.

Some key takeaways are:

  • Continue to follow standard precautions for working with your clients

  • Continue to follow guidelines for absolute contraindications such as fever, generalized new pain, and the appearance of unexplained draining lesions

  • Per the CDC, Monkeypox is communicable through direct contact and objects where body fluids have drained, though it is not communicable from someone who does not have symptoms. In other words asymptomatic folks cannot transmit the disease.

Read On and Be Safe,

Denise V.

-Instructor of Pathology and Massage & Medicine at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy

Read the whole article here:

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