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Ergonomics Explained (podcast episode)- presented by the Massage Therapy Foundation.

Do you wonder about how a massage therapist’s body mechanics can extend their career sustainability?

Check out this podcast . . .

Ergonomics Explained from the Research Perch Podcast presented by the Massage Therapy Foundation. If you don’t know about the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) be prepared for lots of inspiring information. The MTF was founded in 1990 by the AMTA in order to promote Research Literacy in the massage profession. In this episode, learn about the latest thoughts about ergonomics and how they impact one’s career. Join MTF President Robin Anderson and Stefan Shulz from Briotix as they discuss the fundamentals of ergonomics, and how ergonomic principles were studied in MTs over the course of Phase One of the MTF Ergonomics Project. Be sure to download Ergonomic Tips for a Healthier Career- a PDF developed as part of this research project. You can also learn more about the MTF Ergonomics Project and ways you can become involved.


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