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Classroom Instructor

Classroom instructors are experts in their field of study as well as the materials and content of the subject they teach. Able to share their expertise with awareness of various students; learning types and social contexts, instructors will conduct classroom presentation and management in a manner than encourages curiosity, creativity, and diligence.

Position Duties

Classroom Responsibilities:

  • Planning course material based on provided course syllabus Conducting lecture, classroom presentation, and demonstrations of course material

  • Preparing and grading quizzes, exams, homework assignments, and maintaining accurate grade attendance for assigned students

  • Maintaining accurate record keeping using the school website

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Communicating with students who have absences or other incomplete material

  • Advising students as needed

  • Promoting high standards and expectations for all students and faculty

  • Establish a professional rapport that demonstrations leadership qualities to students and faculty

  • Assist in assessing the instructional needs of students



  • Licensed as an LMT or in their field


  • Classroom experience

  • 3+ years in the field

Physical and Schedule Demands:

  • On site for 3.5-4 hour classes

  • Attend quarterly staff and faculty meetings

  • Participate in various MTDEs, Orientation, and Graduation

Professional Development Requirements

  • Instructional/Educational related skills enhancement

  • Faculty In-service offered by PSMT

  • Self-directed evaluations and Department trainings

  • Maintain valid professional license completing necessary Continuing Ed.

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Timothy Kocher-Hillmer

 - Director of Education

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