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You Just Took The First Step Towards Improving Lives Through the Power of Massage Therapy

Thank you, your request has been received. Here's what to expect next:

  1. Our admissions team will reach out by phone (yes, phone!) to briefly welcome you to our community. The student experience we're known for starts today!

  2. You'll schedule a personal tour of the school. Researching schools online is one thing, but PSMT students say they felt right once they experienced the school firsthand.

  3. After the tour, we'll sit down to discuss your career goals and answer all your questions- from the admissions and application process to financial aid, career services, housing, and more. Whatever you'd like!

Most students exhaled once they toured PSMT and felt why it was the perfect school for them. Attending massage school is within your reach- let us help you improve lives (including your own!) through the power of massage therapy education.

Talk soon,

-PSMT Admissions Team

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